Refund & Return policy


Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds/exchanges, so if you are unsure about purchasing an item please contact us if you need more information about the sizing or condition of the item!


Signs of wear and slight imperfections are to be shown on some vintage clothing as they are old and need to be treated with lots of love for your vintage pieces to stay their quality!


Vintage sizing differs to the general sizing of today, therefore the sizing advertised are estimations and may differentiate to the size labelled on the tag of the vintage garment


Our vintage pieces are freshly washed & ready to wear when they hit your door step!


If you are not happy with your product and believe we have unfairly misrepresented the item, please do contact us on our contact form or email on the same day as receiving your garment with photos attached so we can evaluate the problem, please respect our policy as we may agree or disagree with a partial/full refund or exchange, if we do agree on the refund or exchange we expect you to send back the garment within 1-3 days of receiving with tracking number details to be emailed to us with your name and item details your returning, please be aware also we will not reimburse for the shipping cost to be sent back, we inspect all the garments for any signs of wear, tear or fading and will notify in the information about the garment if they have any signs of wear, as you are aware all garments are ‘sold as’ and we do understand and acknowledge that garments can be missed for some flaws and ask to please read all descriptions and contact us if you are unsure, WE LOVE HAPPY CUSTOMERS SO WE TRY OUR BEST TO HELP YOU OUT AND SUIT EVERYONES NEEDS, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US ANYTIME SO WE CAN HELP WITH YOUR ENQUIRES! 

Snakebite Vintage x